This website provides additional resources for the Royal Photographic Society's Nature Group, and is for the exclusive use of its members


Before using the site for the first time, you need to submit a Registration Application form.  You will be asked for your NameEmail Address and RPS Membership Number, and there is also space for a Message if you would like to add one.  Once completed, please press the SEND button, at which point you should receive a notification that the form has been submitted and to expect a response shortly.

N.B. Please ensure that the values entered into the form are both complete and accurate, as otherwise we may not be able to verify that you are a current member of the group.

At some point after receiving the application, one of the administrators will add you as a user of the site.  By default your User Name will be your First Name followed by your Surname, but without any spaces (e.g. FredBloggs).  Once added, you will receive an email confirming that you are now a registered user of the site.

Setting a Password

Before using your new account it is necessary to set a password, and this is achieved using Login > Forgot Password? on the main menu.  Please type in either your User Name or Email Address and press the SEND REQUEST button, at which point the website should send you an email allowing you to set your password.

N.B. Please ensure that you type your User Name or Email Address correctly, as it must match exactly with the the registered user's details.

You can reset your password at any time using the same mechanism.

Logging In

Once you have an account with a valid password, it is possible to log into the site.  Use Login > Sign In on the main menu, and then type in your User Name or Email Address (either can be used) and Password before pressing the SIGN IN button.  The Remember Me check box, if ticked, will save a cookie on your computer so that you won't need to log in again when you return to the site.

N.B. User Names and Email Addresses are not case-sensitive, but Passwords are.

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Members' Home Page from which you will be able to access all the facilities within the site.

Logging Out

If you are using a public computer then please log out when you have finished using the site (use Logout > Sign Out on the main menu).  If you are using a private computer then there is no need to log out, and choosing the Remember Me option (see above) will stop you having to log in again when you re-visit the site. 

N.B. If you find that you are being asked to log in each time you visit the site, it is possible that you are running software which removes cookies when your browser is closed.  If so, there should be an option to add the site as an exception to stop this from happening.