Images from 'Annual Exhibition 2022-2023'

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Parasol Mushroom
Graeme Clarke ARPS
Rainbow Eucalyptus with Climber
Peter Smith
Monkey Orchid - Flower Head
Bryan Knox ARPS
Fly Orchid
Ann Miles FRPS
Milky Orchid
Yealand Kalfayan ARPS
Pixie Cup Lichen
Saffrondrop Bonnet with Fly
Mike Rowe FRPS
Mycena sp
Mike Rowe FRPS
Hericium Coralloides
Roger Hance FRPS
Fly Agaric
Adrian Langdon ARPS
Ophrys Sphegodes Araneola
Lesley Simpson ARPS
Pink Green-Winged and Cowslip
Gianpiero Ferrari FRPS
Pasque Flower
Roger Hance FRPS
Burnt Tip Orchid
Roger Hance FRPS
Military Orchid
Lesley Simpson ARPS
Shaggy Ink-Cap
Wendy Ball
Bee Orchid
John Scholey
Common Inkcap
Mike Rowe FRPS
Fruiting Bodies of Powderpuff Bracket Fun
Sonja Thompson FRPS
Fly Orchid
Roger Hance FRPS
Single Shaggy Inkcap
Chris Ellison ARPS

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